Shopping Trolley (2014)

A set of two shopping trolleys using the same texture / material. Plastic parts can be tinted with RGB color to allow variations or shop color matching.

Each model also have a stackable version.

Models size: 2500 polys each
Final texture size: 1024x1024

Metal Beams (2014)

A set of modules to create a lot of variations of metal beams with different sizes.

Model size:
- Engine alone 1615 polys
- 2m Beams with engine: 5540 polys
- 2m Beams without engine: 1820 polys
- Remote + cables: 575 polys

Final texture size: 1024x1024

Wall Tap (2014)

First model to start working with the Cryengine and get used to PBS (Physically Based Shader).
Model size: 526 polys
Final texture size: 256x256

It was validated to be used in the game.

Raid Hero (2013)

Raid Mustang (2013)

Low poly of a Ford Mustang GT.350
4.718 Polys - Screenshots from Flare 3D engine

Raid Parking Lot (2013)

Parking environment for the prototype.
50.435 Polys in total.

Citroën - DS5 (2011)

I made this model of the DS5 car at MKO Games for an augmented reality promotional application for Citröen. Based on a high poly model, I did a retopology (24.000 triangles), unwrap UV, create textures (diffuse, specular and normal) and setup shaders.