First project I've been working on for GFACE / CRYTEK. It is an online multiplayer Poker game focused on player emotions (like Bluffing). The project that took 1.5 years was finished but never released. The game used Flare 3D engine (based on Flash 3D).

I was responsible of the art direction, managed a 5 artists team and participate a lot in the production of 3D assets as well. I also designed the whole UI directly in flash (with AS2) so that it was easy to be implemented later on.

Year 2013
Type: Card Game
Company: Crytek
Status: Aborted
Publisher: Gface
Position: Lead Artist
Screenshots Movie
Avatars Male

I did the modeling of the based model. Blend shapes not being supported by Flare 3D, I also created 11 additionnal face variations.

The full body without additional props is about 4500 polys.
Texture is 1024x1024 and can be colorized with an RGB tint.

Avatars Female

Exactly the same process as for the Male avatar.

Poker Room 1

Very first room that was used to validate the environments creation process. I did it all by myself within 2 weeks.

Model size: 31.191 polys

Poker Room 2

Second environment. Each new environment had to give the feeling of a progression. Better rooms, higher Stakes!

Model size: 37.734 polys

Poker Room 3

Third environment. To optimize batches, objects are regrouped depending of:
Regular, Self Illuminated, Transparent, Animated.

Model size: 37.707 polys

Poker Room 4

Special environment "Hell". Lightmaps, shadow maps, ambient occlusion are all backed directly on the diffuse.

Model size: 35.701 polys

Poker Room 4 Gargoyle

Got a lot of fun making this Gargoyle for the Hell environment! Wasn't able to use ZBrush that much for the rest of assets...

Model size: 2.685 Polys

Poker Tables

Just like for environments, tables and chairs had to give a feeling of progression within the game. Each table comes with a basic default chair, but players had the ability to join the tables with their own chairs (bought in the shop with ingame currency)

Poker Chairs

Some chairs (classic or not) that players could buy in the shop.

Poker UI

I worked for about 1.5 month only on the UI for the game. Best process was to do a fully working prototype in Flash (AS2). Was easy to try, to update and later on to implement by the devs.

GFACE Bomber

GFACE Bomber is a game that I pitched. It is a Bomberman like game that takes place in a WAR environment. The big twist is the use of classes (Soldier, Engineer, Medic...) with RPG elements and special abilities.

I did almost everything in the prototype except code and some 3D props. We had a working prototype playable with up to 12 players within 2 weeks.

To have a better understanding of the concept, I did a fully working UI prototype in Flash (AS2). Try Gface Bomber UI prototype!

Year 2013
Type: Bomberman Like
Company: Crytek
Status: Aborted
Publisher: Gface
Position: Lead Artist
Screenshots Movie
Bomber Medic

First ZBrush concept for the Medic Unit.

Bomber Soldier

I designed the soldier taking the type of camera in highly consideration (top-down view) Big Head, shoulders and hands (to carry huge bombs) were the best match. On the other side, tiny thin legs for the character to move through the level without any disgracious mesh penetration.

Model size: 3828 polys

Bomber Engineer

Quick variation of the soldier into an engineer to try different class and special abilities within the prototype.


Top Down Shooter Prototype

Year 2013
Type: Top Down Shooter
Company: Crytek
Status: Aborted
Publisher: Crytek
Position: Lead Artist
Raid Hero
Raid Mustang

Low poly of a Ford Mustang GT.350
4.718 Polys - Screenshots from Flare 3D engine

Raid Parking Lot

Parking environment for the prototype.
50.435 Polys in total.